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An Amazon adventure awaits when you book a Manaus boat cruise. You’ll get to see this mighty river first-hand, the surrounding scenery, and maybe some rare wildlife. Take your pick from several boat tours to suit your needs. A 3-day trip along the river, fish for piranhas, and even try canoeing. You’ll feel like Indiana Jones! Or take a cruise and head for Belém. That’ll be a 1,600km journey of discovery and beauty. Whichever boat tour you choose, a Manaus adventure awaits, and a lifetime of dreams will be made.
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Best things to do in Manaus: You’re on the edge of the Amazon when you visit Manaus. It’s your starting point for exploring the river and rainforest. The city itself is well worth exploring too. There’s the Amazon Theatre and Palacio Rio Negro and the Government building, Amazon Palace of Justice for the architecture. The Port of Manaus is a lively place to explore, and the Museu da Amazonia - MUSA,  showcases the biodiversity of the Amazon region.

Cruise the rivers and lake: A boat cruise to Lake January via the Black River sounds like an Amazon adventure. A chance to see the region's wildlife and head to the point where the passing waters meet. You have options to add food and drinks to your experience, ensuring you really are on an amazon adventure unlike any other.

When to visit Manaus: You can expect rain throughout the year and rainstorms can occur daily. Certainly in the afternoons during the driest months. The time to go to Manaus is between July and September. The humidity is lower at this time and is ideal to explore the city and the nearby rainforests.

• The original name of Manaus was Cidade da Barra do Rio Negro! It was changed in 1856. The long name means The City of the Margins of the Black River.

• Back in 1800s, Manaus was one of the wealthiest cities in South America. This was due to the production of rubber.

• Among the animals that live close to Manaus include Jaguars, river dolphins and vampire bats!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Dinner and a cruise?

    You will find there are several Manaus lunch and dinner cruise options available. Check the individual tour details for the menu and the options available.

  • Q: Do Manaus Boat Cruises offer free Wi-Fi onboard?

    We realise you want to capture those destination hotspots on your tour. Many operators do offer free Wi-Fi on board, but you will need to check with the individual operator.

  • Q: Do Manaus Boat Cruises run throughout the year?

    Yes, but be aware that there is a high season (June to September) and Low Season (November to March). Check the tour details for timings.

  • Q: Can you give me some alternative tours to your cruise and boat tours?

    Manaus is a region full of attractions and experiences to enjoy and immerse in. Check out our Manaus tours by visiting isango.com

  • Q: What is the duration of the Manaus Boat Tour?

    Each tour is different, but in general, they will have a duration between 1 to 2 hours. Make sure to check the specific tour for timings.

  • Q: What time do Manaus Boat Tours operate?

    Boat tours will run at different times of the day, especially if you are booked on a lunch or dinner cruise. Make sure to check the tour details for a full listing of times.

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