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On the banks of the river Ganges, sailing by the Kolkata attractions. It’s a very different way of taking in this Bengal city. A boat tour, however, is a wonderful way to see this city from a different perspective. You’ll cruise under the towering Howrah Bridge, by the busy railway station and the heritage sites that line the riverbank. Booking a Kolkata sightseeing river cruise is the serene way to see one of India’s most historic destinations.
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Experience Boat Tours in Kolkata

Best things to do: The West Bengal capital is more than just a city of colonial architecture and art galleries, although those places are well worth seeking out. Mix it up a little, and you’ll have the full Kolkata package. There’s the Victoria Memorial to visit and the dominating Howrah Bridge. The Mother House of the Missionaries of Charity is a place well worth seeking out. It’s the convent where Mother Teresa is buried. For those who like a museum, Science City and the Indian Museum are well worth checking out.

Best time to visit: Visit Kolkata in summer, and you will experience hot and humid conditions. So head there during the winter months, and you’ll find the weather to be far more favourable. October to February is the month to aim for.

Ready for an adventure? What better way to explore this city than taking a walking tour? Head into the markets and see Kolkata life close up. Perhaps sample the local cuisine or walk through the colleges and universities. Combining your Kolkata visit with a river cruise and walking tour will capture the best this city offers.

• Believe it or not, Kolkata's heart doesn’t beat just for cricket. It’s actually football that is most loved. It has the second-oldest football league in the world! Sorry, Cricket takes a backseat here!

• Kolkata was once the capital of India due to the trade importance during British Rule. Delhi became the capital. Kolkata lost its capital status back in 1911.

• You might find getting around Kolkata fun or perhaps hard work! Whatever way you get about, do try the metro service, as it’s India’s oldest. Making it well worth checking out. Move over to Delhi and Mumbai. Kolkata was there first!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Dinner and a cruise?

    You will find there are several Kolkata lunch and dinner cruise options available. Check the individual tour details for the menu and the options available.

  • Q: Do Kolkata Boat Cruises offer free Wi-Fi onboard?

    We realise you want to capture those destination hotspots on your tour. Many operators do offer free Wi-Fi on board, but you will need to check with the individual operator.

  • Q: Do Kolkata Boat Cruises run throughout the year?

    Yes, but be aware that there is a high season (November to March) and Low Season (May to October). Check the tour details for timings.

  • Q: Can you give me some alternative tours to your cruise and boat tours?

    Kolkata is a region full of attractions and experiences to enjoy and immerse in. Check out our Kolkata Tours by visiting isango.com

  • Q: What is the duration of the Kolkata Boat Tour?

    Each tour is different, but in general, they will have a duration between 1 to 2 hours. Make sure to check the specific tour for timings.

  • Q: What time do Kolkata Boat Tours operate?

    Boat tours will run at different times of the day, especially if you are booked on a lunch or dinner cruise. Make sure to check the tour details for a full listing of times.

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