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Luxury yachts, catamaran cruises and sail ships. That’s what to expect from a Cancun boat tour. Climb aboard, head out to sea, take in the turquoise waters, and the Cancun shoreline and enjoy the sunny climate. Are you stuck for an idea? How about a Columbus cruise? It’s a romantic dinner cruise on a Spanish galleon. Music and Cancun’s delights mix for a perfect boat tour. Or take the luxury yacht and enjoy some comfort, or sail to the isle. With so many possibilities, a Cancun sightseeing cruise is a great way to spend a day in this busy destination.
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Experience Boat Tours in Cancun

Best things to do: Cancun may be known for its beaches and stunning snorkelling, but there is more to this thriving resort region. You have the famed Chichen Itza, Mayan ruins, and its famous pyramid. Another Mayan place of interest is the El Rey Archaeological zone, a place to explore and learn about the culture. For a shopping experience, head for Mercado 28, a flea market, and the La Isla Cancun shopping village bringing you up to date with local eateries and shops.

Beach time: Well, you are in Mexico’s premier resort region. Pick of the beaches includes Playa Delfines, popular for sunbathing and swimming. And for those looking at shallow bathing waters, then Playa Langosta is the perfect retreat. Its long sandy beach draws in the crowds.

Best time to go: For those looking for winter sun, head to Cancun between December and April. It’s when the weather is generally warm, and there is little chance of rain. The summer months tend to heat up, but perhaps that’s what you prefer.

• Go and explore those caves! For a good reason too. Cancun has the world’s longest underwater cave system, so well worth checking them out. It's one of those, I went to places to tell your family and friends. 

• As you wander through Cancun, you’ll soon learn that there are two zones. There’s the Hotel Zone and Downtown Cancun.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Dinner and a cruise?

    You will find there are several Cancun lunch and dinner cruise options available. Check the individual tour details for the menu and the options available.

  • Q: Do Cancun Boat Cruises offer free Wi-Fi onboard?

    We realise you want to capture those destination hotspots on your tour. Many operators do offer free Wi-Fi on board, but you will need to check with the individual operator.

  • Q: Do Cancun Boat Cruises run throughout the year?

    Yes, but be aware that there is a high season (April to September) and Low Season (November to March). Check the tour details for timings.

  • Q: Can you give me some alternative tours to your cruise and boat tours?

    Cancun is a region full of attractions and experiences to enjoy and immerse in. Check out our Cancun tours by visiting isango.com

  • Q: What is the duration of the Cancun Boat Tour?

    Each tour is different, but in general, they will have a duration between 1 to 2 hours. Make sure to check the specific tour for timings.

  • Q: What time do Cancun Boat Tours operate?

    Boat tours will run at different times of the day, especially if you are booked on a lunch or dinner cruise. Make sure to check the tour details for a full listing of times.

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