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Hello Valencia, the city with a Moorish past, exciting streets to explore, colourful cafes to visit and modern museums to wander. Add a boat tour to your trip, and you’ll get the complete Valencia package. Adding to your rich tapestry of experiences. Cruise on the freshwater lagoon at Albufera, taking in the natural surroundings. You’ll love the flora and fauna on display. The migratory birds and the fresh air. This Valencia sightseeing cruise is the perfect way to enjoy the city and its region. Then once your boat tour is finished, you can head back for some tapas and fun, Valencia style.
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Top things to do in Valencia: Visit Valencia, and you are mixing up the old with the ultra-modern. Once part of the 16th-century silk trade, the city is now a tourist destination, begging to be explored. The dominating feature is the modern Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias. It’s a science and culture park, so great for getting lost in. L’Oceanografic is an aquarium that houses sharks and a dolphinarium. The central market has over 1000 stalls to explore, and Valencia cathedral dates back to the 13th century. Finally, for some city views head up Torres de Serranos. Something there to add to your boat tour.

Best time to go: If you’re looking to avoid the crowds and the heat of the summer, well, April and May are the perfect times to visit. This is when you’ll hit the sweet spot. The city boasts a Mediterranean climate, so you’ll feel comfortable at this time. In fact, Valencia sees around 300 days of sunshine per year.

Top tips for visiting Valencia: Try the paella! Yep, Valencia is the birthplace of this most popular of dishes. So, what better reason to explore the city than seeking out the best of the local dish? Do let us know when you find it!

• You may well notice the Roman influences as you head around the city. There’s a good reason for that as they founded Valencia back in 138 BC.

• Head for the central market, Mercado central. It’s not just an interesting place to visit but also one of the biggest, if not the biggest in Europe. Apparently, it was the first market in the world to offer online orders and deliveries to homes.

• Valencia has its own cocktail named after it. Agua de Valencia is made from Cava (Spanish champagne), vodka, gin and freshly squeezed orange juice, with ice. When you visit, well, you must give it a go!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Dinner and a cruise?

    You will find there are several Valencia lunch and dinner cruise options available. Check the individual tour details for the menu and the options available.

  • Q: Do Valencia Boat Cruises offer free Wi-Fi onboard?

    We realise you want to capture those destination hotspots on your tour. Many operators do offer free Wi-Fi on board, but you will need to check with the individual operator.

  • Q: Do Valencia Boat Cruises run throughout the year?

    Yes, but be aware that there is a high season (June to September) and Low Season (November to March). Check the tour details for timings.

  • Q: Can you give me some alternative tours to your cruise and boat tours?

    Valencia is a region full of attractions and experiences to enjoy and immerse in. Check out our Valencia tours by visiting isango.com

  • Q: What is the duration of the Valencia Boat Tour?

    Each tour is different, but in general, they will have a duration between 1 to 2 hours. Make sure to check the specific tour for timings.

  • Q: What time do Valencia Boat Tours operate?

    Boat tours will run at different times of the day, especially if you are booked on a lunch or dinner cruise. Make sure to check the tour details for a full listing of times.

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